Randem Photography

My Name is Marc Randall the owner and lens polisher at Randem Photography.

How did Randem evolve?

In 2014 Marc Randall Suffered a heart failure that stopped all the running around and messing about that used to happen.

Luckily I had great support from friends and colleagues and the road back to health was a speedy recovery and able to go back to the day job within 6 weeks.

Through my circle of friends one of my oldest and best friends messaged me wished me well and encouraged me to pick up a camera and shoot pictures myself instead of turning up on the set with him.

To this day Mark Page Photoswithattitude.net has mentored me assisted me and continues to guide and assist me with taking my photography forwards for which I am extremely grateful and honoured that he takes time from his schedule to make time for me.

As a photographer I want to take pictures of across the whole spectrum of Photography, but specialize in Amateur models that have never posed before.

In the website you will see that there are different types of pictures.

My mission statement 



And my goal is to say to all Men and Women